As an engineering project manager, Dick Gilhespy took up painting as a relaxing distraction from his day job.

For twenty years Dick has recreated outstanding images of both the past and modern day, vivid memories brought to canvas that will touch every Newcastle United supporter.

Since retirement Dick Gilhespy ‘the artist’ has become a full-time ‘job’, though of course it is much more a passion than a job.

The memorable scenes of match days in the city span from the 1950s right up to the modern day, with fans sporting flat caps and scarves, enjoying a pint before a game and walking to and from matches, often with the stadium in the background.

The Gosforth based artist, a lifelong Toon fan, said his inspiration comes from the scores of dedicated supporters who have stood by their favourite team through the good times and the bad.

Dick Gilhespy: “I think the fans are the real stars of football because they are the ones who hang on in there through thick and thin, especially in our case. The part they play in the game is as interesting to me as watching the players”.

Dick’s artwork recreates the atmosphere of the moment by using light and shade, in a style that has won legions of admirers worldwide.

As Dick sums up: “To me, the footballers come and go but the supporters are there come rain or shine and I think the supporters add a lot more value to the game because of that”.

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