Building The Tyne Bridge Collection

The idea for the Tyne Bridge goes back to 1883 but it wasn't until 1924 that the plan to build the bridge finally got consent.

The bridge design was prepared by Mott Hay and Anderson who based their design on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which in turn derived its design from the Hell Gate Bridge in New York.

Work started in August 1925 with Dorman Long of Middlesbrough acting as the building contractors.

Men risked their lives high above the waters of the Tyne, scaling heights and structures with the agility of spiderman.

Despite the dangers of the building work, only one worker died during the building of this amazing structure.

The bridge was completed and opened in 1928 by King George V and the Queen who were the first to use the roadway.

Today the bridge is renowned around the world, and rivals its counterpart - the Sydney Harbour Bridge - as one of the great bridges of the world.

Our Building The Tyne Bridge Collection brings together an array of stunning imagery from the late 1920's over the River Tyne.

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